Bathroom Wood Flooring

Hard-wearing wooden floors for bathrooms.

Wish for the stunning look of wood in your bathroom, but fear damage from water? We hear you. Our engineered wooden floors combine the aesthetics of real wood with a 100% waterproof core. So you can have the floor of your dreams in your personal sanctuary.

Engineered wood is hands-down the better alternative for bathrooms, compared to solid wood. The rigid multi-layer core of an engineered board creates an incredibly robust and stable surface. As opposed to solid wood, the dramatic changes of moisture and temperature that a bathroom is subjected to is handled perfectly by engineered wood floors.

With the widest range of textures, shades and finishes available, you could add comfort, luxury or old-world glamour to your bathroom. Our wooden flooring fits any decor, from exclusive designer bathrooms to more functional en-suites. Proper and timely maintenance is all you need to ensure your floors are a thing of beauty for years.


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