Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Refreshing Bathroom Vinyl Floors

The bathroom poses very specific challenges when it comes to flooring. Prone to moisture, stains, and heavy footfall, the floor has to endure it all. The unbeatable combination of our luxury vinyl floor’s durability with eye-catching designs is the perfect solution for every bathroom. Our vinyl floors are 100% water, stain and scratch resistant with a robust SPC or WPC core for extra stability. The anti-slip feature ensures that the kids can splash around all they want in complete safety.


Hygiene is key when it comes to bathroom flooring. Our floors can be kept clean with minimum fuss and simple maintenance.


For most of us, the bathroom is also a sanctuary to unwind after a tiring day. Besides, it’s a space that’s increasingly seen as a style statement. We have a plethora of options to choose from to make it as spa-like, fashionable or classic as you like. Our vinyl floors are the easiest way to give your bathroom a facelift without a heavy price tag.



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