Living Room Wood Flooring

Impressive Wood Floors for Living Rooms

As a true melting pot of cultures, the UAE is home to the most diverse living room décor. Our engineered wooden floors are made to cater to every individual preference with a vast selection of designs and textures. So whether your living space has traditional accents, a modern minimalist outlook or a rustic vibe, we guarantee you will find a floor just right for you.


With its solid wood top layer concealing a tough composite layer, our wood boards can take on any challenge. From the thumps of little feet, lively dance parties, dragging of furniture to clumsy spills. All it needs is a little TLC from time to time – some sanding down and refinishing to look good as new.


You have so much to choose from to create a welcoming look. Pale wood colours reflect natural light to make the room appear larger. Darker shades with parquet patterns feel intensely dramatic. Simply take your pick.



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