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As the UAE progresses towards a more sustainable future, we are contributing our bit with environmentally responsible flooring choices. Footfall Flooring Accessories, one of the UK’s greenest flooring underlay makers has been our preferred partner for their unmatched solutions that never compromise on quality or the environment. Some of the region’s most ambitious projects with high-impact and heavy-traffic areas have used Footfall underlays to their advantage.

UKFS has been an exclusive supplier of Footfall underlays for many years, offering world-class products created from recycled materials. Rubber from discarded tyres, fibre from old coffee sacks and wool from unused carpets are just a few of the materials that make up Footfall’s innovative solutions. The result is reduced noise and highly hardworking floors for both commercial and domestic uses.

Endurance, reliability and underfoot comfort are the hallmarks of the Footfall Flooring Accessories brand, giving your floors a solid, yet sustainable foundation for years to come.

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