Dining Room Vinyl Flooring

Truly Appetizing Luxury Vinyl Floors

The pleasure of hosting your expat friends over lunch or a quiet family dinner is heightened with a gorgeous dining space. Our range of engineered vinyl floors create a lasting impression, while being wonderfully functional at the same time. The dining room sees a lot of footfall, not to mention spills and stains. But you needn’t fret over splattered greasy curries or sugary juice spills anymore. Our vinyl flooring is super easy to clean plus stain and water resistant with a non-slip surface.


They can also withstand the constant dragging of chairs, so you never have to worry about scratches. Craving for flooring that matches your unique décor? Chances are we’ve got it. We have the widest range of design and colour combinations for every appetite – from stately stone to imposing wood.


Our luxury vinyl floors give you the opportunity to transform your dining area. Even on the smallest of budgets. 



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