Dining Room Wood Flooring

Sumptuous Engineered Wood Floors for Dining Rooms

The dining room is a much-loved area where family and friends gather around to celebrate food and good company. This is the space to truly flaunt your personal sense of style. So why hold back on the floor? Go all out with our engineered wood floors to add that extra punch to the dining room. You could choose between light or dark coloured floors, create country chic or modern Scandinavian looks or just find something truly unique. All this at prices that are always a pleasant surprise.


Our engineered wooden floors have a multi-layer composite base, making it a more affordable and stronger alternative to solid wood flooring. The intelligent design and robust construction makes our floors impervious to heavy footfall, temperature changes, spills and stains when compared to solid wood. Perfect for even the noisiest of dinner parties.



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