Kitchen Wood Flooring

Tasteful engineered wood floors for kitchens

Wooden floors have been around for centuries and have truly become timeless in appeal. Having graced houses across the world, our bespoke selection of engineered wood floors are making inroads into UAE homes. The kitchen holds a special place in the region and what better way to personalize it than with the warm tones of wood? Our wooden floors are highly durable and reliable with the ability to last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Compared to solid wood, our floors are water and heat resistant and super easy to clean. You can rest assured that spills and messes won’t dull your floors.


If you have an open plan space, our wide planks work really well to emphasize the expansive flow. If you wish for a rustic, country charm, you could opt for a distressed finish. Our design, texture and finish options are sure to floor you.


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