Commercial Vinyl Flooring

High-Performing Commercial Vinyl Flooring

The UAE’s ambitious outlook deserves flooring that performs well under pressure. Our collection of commercial vinyl floors are engineered to the highest industry standards and subjected to the most stringent stress tests. So they last longer and work better. Our floors are at home in every type of commercial establishment – from busy hospitals, schools, cafes, retail stores to fine dining restaurants and cutting-edge offices. No amount of traffic or activity can dull our 100% waterproof and stain-resistant floors. Amongst the most versatile options available, our collection offers unparalleled design possibilities.


Our vinyls are capable of being installed in any desired configuration. The opulence of wood, the grandeur of stone or the artistry of abstract patterns – the choice is yours.


We are so confident in our floors’ performance that we offer a commercial warranty of 30 years. Add to that the unbelievable affordability and enhanced durability of an SPC or WPC core – and its win-win all the way.



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