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About Bjelin

Bjelin, part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group, develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. The development is performed in collaboration with sister company Välinge Innovation AB, best known as the inventors of the click floor.

Woodura® – More solid than a solid plank.
The magic’s in the layers.

The patented Woodura® surface technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood with a Compositek™ core through a powder mix layer. The powder mix perfectly fills up the natural openings of the wood and enhances the wood appearance. It also eliminates the need for wood-filler and creates a significantly stronger surface with a hardness three times greater than a traditional solid wood floor.

The Woodura® surface technology enables 10 times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of lumber compared to traditional engineered wood flooring.


Product design

1. UV cured coating
2. Natural oak or ash wood covering
3. Wood-based powder layer
4. Compositek® moisture-resistant core
5. Wood-based powder layer
6. Wood veneer layer

5G® Dry™ Waterproof & Worry-Free

5G® Dry™ waterproof technology with a high moisture resistant Compositek™ core

5G® Dry™ is a fold down installation system that provides enhanced water resistance by preventing water from penetrating into the seams of the floor panels.

With greater protection to withstand the mess of everyday chaos such as spills, this innovation makes floors both incredible easy to install and to live with.

The NALFA 48 hours test (24 hours with water pillar and 24 hours recovery) is commonly used in order to assess the water behavior of floor installations.

In wood-based floorings, 5G Dry contributes to significantly lower edge swelling thereby ensuring that the floor both looks and feels better despite being subjected to wet mopping, accidents and other events from everyday use.


Välinge Flooring is waterproof

5G® Climb™
Make your floors climb up the walls

Make your Floor Climb the Wall

5G® Climb™ is revolutionary technology for wall mounting, based on our proven 5G Fold Down installation system used in flooring. Use the panels as studs and simply click the wall panels in place horizontally, vertically or in herringbone pattern.

With the specially designed clips, the panels are attached instantly to the studs, without any tools. Make your floor climb up the wall and get a perfect match between floor and wall. Be creative and go all the way up.

5G® Climb™ makes it incredibly easy for you to use our flooring for a beautiful wood-panelled wall. Simply use floor panels as support rails, grab our unique 5G® Climb™ clips, and start getting creative. The possibilities are endless, and we think floors this amazing should be admired — from every angle.

5G® Climb™ Make your floors climb up the walls

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